Please feel free to use and modify these projects. I fully support open source projects, however, I do ask that if you use any algorithms or code, give me credit. I also ask that if you modify and redistribute, to please keep it open source and free.

Java Projects

  • File Compare
    • Source soon to come
    • This program is not intended to compare files created by Microsoft word or Open Office. It is only intended to compare simple files created by Notepad or TextPad.
    • Please post any comments or ideas on my blog at under the "File_Compare.jar" post.
  • Calendar Writer (For Google Pages Users)
    • Calendar_Writer.jar
    • HOW TO USE: You MUST have the Java Runtime on your computer which can be found at (select the JRE 5.0 Update 6). If you already have the Java Runtime, download the Calendar_Writer.jar file and double click to run it. You will then want to select the directory in which you will want the calendar file to be written, then create a name for the file. Then click the "Create" button, a pop-up box will appear confirming the file has been written. Finally, open the file that was created with WordPad or TextPad. DO NOT USE NOTEPAD! Copy all the text in that file, then click the area on your page you would like the calendar to appear and click the "Edit HTML" link at the botttom of the toolbar on the side. Copy and paste the code into the source file.
    • Please notify me if there are any errors in the output of this program. I have caught a few already, but not all may have been discovered. The underlying algorithms for this program were written in Perl, and some errors may have not been caught in the re-write process and adding them to the program.
    • Please post comments or ideas on my blog at under the "calendar.cgi and calendar_writer.jar" post.

Flash Projects

  • Hangman.exe
    • This is a simple game of hangman I had to do for a Flash class. Play with it, have fun, but it does not have an overly big vocab list.
    • Please post comments or ideas on my blog at under the "Calculator.exe and Hangman.exe" post.
  • calculator.exe
    • This is a simple four-function calculator. It can be amusing, although more annoying than anything due to the required sound effects. I would highly suggest it if you are looking to annoy your co-workers or boss.
    • I would normally invite anyone to post comments about this on my blog space, and you are more than welcome to, but please note that this program is past it's development life.

Perl Projects:

  • calendar.cgi
    • This is the originating program of the Calendar_Writer program written above. This is designed to run under a web server with cgi script enabled. I wrote this program for something to do one summer while learning Perl. One of the algorithms behind this took me three weeks to perfect (do not ask me why there has to be a -1 in an illogical place, but it works). Also, I have recently modified the code so it is shorter, so let me know if there are any errors in its functions.
    • Please post comments or ideas on my blog at under the "calendar.cgi and calendar_writer.jar" post